domingo, 27 de julho de 2008

.cosmic age.

Aviso: Esta imagem é um roubo deliberado e autorizado. Thanks coat! :)

Some people are born terribly old, wrinkled inside from the very first shout of life out of the womb. For them nothing will ever be spontaneous, everything seems to be strictly planned. They have a natural born lucidity. Their eyes will never have that child liquid gleam. We will always remember their old appearance, the spleen layer on their eyes and the grey hair. It feels as if they were never young and childish.
Yet, there are others whom old age will never hit. The number of teeth replaced or how thick their glasses are does not matter. There is no ultrasound or crutch that can determine their age. Those people will never be old for they are given a cosmic age. An age where they rush the blood on their veins, expand their arms and almost touch the limits of the skies. That age when their adrenaline accelerates their hearts and drops them into an aura of magnetism.

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nove e tal disse...

you're welcome!

hope i have a cosmic age as well.

nice text you have here.

Vae disse...


tu tens de certeza uma cosmic age. acho que foi por isso que nunca te perguntei a idade (:

bacio bella*