quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2008

.griffin & sabine.

"Realizing how much I love you, I burst into tears. I have not told you a hundredth of what I hold in my heart for you. I know that your journey has reached a turning point and I want to give you strength. I have loved you in every manner that my imagination could contrive. I have wanted you so deeply that my body sang with pain and pleasure.You have been my obsession, my passion, my philosophers' stone of fantasy. You are my desire, my longing, my spirit. I love you unconditionally. Do you hear me? Do you see that I cherish you beyond question, that you have nothing to prove to me? You are making your journey to secure yourself. I am already tethered to your side.If you can love yourself as I love you there will be no dislocation - you will be whole. Bring yourself home to me and I will immerse you in every ounce of tenderness I possess."

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